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Troubleshooting PSO2, the rglx & AIDA version.

Original information from AIDA's PSO-World Superthread, cleaned up and readabilificatified by rglx.

Bring problems to rglx. Contact information on bottom footer of this page.

This document aims to help users fix their copies of PSO2 quickly without waiting for a technician (or Microsoft or SEGA) to help them.

The basics.

Try these before going through this list or asking for help from someone.

  1. Update DirectX
  2. Click "Check for PSO2 Updates (Old Method)" on the PSO2 Tweaker, or using the default launcher to otherwise force a file-check.
  3. Open PSO2 Tweaker and selecting Troubleshooting -> Fix Gameguard Errors from the Orb Menu. This forcibly uninstalls GameGuard (which will be reinstalled on next game launch)
  4. Update your drivers. All of them.
  5. Make sure you have the latest version of your OS.
  6. Hit Windows Key + R and type ipconfig /flushdns.
  7. Ensure you have 5GB of free disk space on the drive PSO2 is on.
  8. Deactivate your antivirus and firewall, graphical enhancers, and anything that might attempt to interface with PSO2.
  9. Reduce your graphics settings.
  10. In PSO2's Options, click "Shader Quality" and change it to Simple.
  11. Make sure your game's folder is in the root of your drive, eg X:\PSO2\ or similar.
  12. Check https://bumped.org/psublog for a maintenance announcement
  13. If applicable, check that the PSO2 Proxy of your choice is online and functioning. If you're still getting errors or need help with something else, by all means, please ask!

Known issues with the NA (Windows Store) version of the game

Registration errors (JP game only)

Help yourself, and help us too! Use the Chrome Extension to simplify and expedite the registration process.

Error How to fix it
027 Your email provider is unacceptable by SEGA/PSO2's servers, your first and last name isn't full-width characters, your phone number isn't 11 digits, eg: 080 9999 9999, or your address doesn't read as a Japanese address (see below)

Example of Japanese-style address (I think this is SEGA of Japan headquarters?)


General In-game & Client Errors

This list may contain inaccurate information not represented (or mis-represented) in the North American release of the game.

Error How to fix it
#220 #221, #640, #641 Open the PSO2 Tweaker and click “Check for PSO2 Updates” to fix this.
#222 Client update could not be completed. Please hit “File Check” on the launcher to update manually.
#223 Failed to validate that you're running the latest version
#224 Could not connect to server, please wait and try again. Wait a minute or two, then try connecting again.
#225, #226, #227, #228, #241 General connection errors. We don't know much about these.
#230, #231 Connection error. Wait a minute or two, and try again. If this persists, hit Windows Key + R and type ipconfig /flushdns.
#240 This usually means your ISP is unable to connect to the game without the Proxy
#242 Likely caused by repeated incorrect password attempts. Check and maybe reset your password if necessary.
#249 Means either SEGA's maintenancing PSO2's servers, or your internet connection isn't good enough to run the game.
#601 Login incorrect. Also may be Maintenance Day-related.
#602 SEGA ID and password are incorrect. Make sure your ID is all lowercase, and maybe reset your password if neccessary
#604 You spammed login attempts too much. Wait about an hour and try again.
#605, #606 Corporate access to PSO2 was revoked. Not much is known about these.
#611 Server may be under maintenance.
#612 Server may be under heavy load.
#616 Block is full. Try another?
#617, #642, #646 Ship or Block couldn't be found on SEGA's servers.
#620 Bad logout process. Wait ten minutes, and re-login.
#622, #625, #633 (Unconfirmed) You can't enter a full Room!
#623, #634 (Unconfirmed) Can't find Room server.
#624 Generic “You can't enter this room!”
#626 Room server issue. Restart your client.
#627, #628 Premium room access revoked.
#630 You lagged a bit and the server logged you out. Common with high-latency connections.
#632 Account in use from two locations at once
#635, #636 Some kind of restriction on Room.
#637, #647, #648 Server-side teleportation problem
#638, #639 Likely a premium issue regarding teleportation. [lit.] Because billing has expired, could not be moved.
#643 Block is full.
#644 Block transportation failed.
#645 Server transportation failed.
#649 Server under maintenance. Maintenance usually occurs Tuesday nights (US time) and lasts a couple hours.
#650 This error occurs the first time you attempt to log on to PSO2 using a computer that you've never used before, similar to Steam Guard. It will give you this error, then return you to the login screen. Login with the same information, and SEGA will send an e-mail to the registered address you used when you created the account. You'll need to open the e-mail and copy the code inside. Then return to PSO2 and paste the code to verify account ownership, and allow access.
#651 This happens when you get error 650, and take too long to put in the code you receive in the e-mail. You'll need to repeat the steps of Error 650 in order to login.
#652, #658 Your team doesn't have a room to move to.
#653, #659 Team Room connection error.
#654, #660 No Team Room access permissions. Ask your team leaders.
#655 Team Room is full.
#656 Team Room couldn't be found?
#657 You're not in a team! You can't move into a team room.
#674 Go to the SEGA ID box and start typing, making sure it's typing in english, not japanese. My issue was that the Japanese IME was going nuts, typing my password in japanese. Fix it so you're typing in english, then put your password in the password box.
#678 Head to the ISAO user site and accept the user terms. Use the PSO2 Chrome Extension. Once you login to the ISAO site and get past the Japanese Captcha, there should be a bit of scrollable text. This is the Terms of Use, that you must agree to in order to connect to the game. Below that text should be two buttons. Click on the top button to say “I agree”. Wait for it to process, then click the only button there Logout.
#691 This is a Vita only error - It means that the SEGA ID you're trying to log in with is already associated with another SEN account. This is common if you switch SEN accounts to use other content. You'll have to use the FIRST SEN ID you logged into PSO2 with, or create a whole new SEGA ID.
#710 [lit.]To use the previously purchased premium set, please purchase “Premium Set” in the “AC shop” menu.
#711 Your premium has run out. You can revert to free, or buy another month of premium.
#712 In order to charge AC, select AC shop from the menu and then select the option for AC charge.
#911 [lit.] “An assumed error has occurred - Please check the PC you are using, and where you are using it. If you have any questions, please contact the distributor or manufacturer of your computer.” We don't know much about this error.