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Apr/24/2020: Services restored. New color scheme for the site!

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Oct/31/2016: All services have had their SSL certificates redone at LetsEncrypt.org.

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Apr/03/2016: Purged some old DNS records and fixed some things. Message me if you're not able to access something on the site.

May/06/2015: I fixed the site's ugly CSS! Woohoo! It only took me this long!

May/04/2015: I moved some files around on the servers so the webservers should be a bit more stable

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Sep/13/2009: Services online. Welcome!


home to lots of weird old code and "protocol" "hacks"

all cursed and unlinted


no more streams :(

no good services exist anymore


mods and content for various games

mostly space or sandbox


contact here

but only if you dare


aka twitter

just stay away